I work with Adults and Couples to help them navigate life’s joy and challenges in a meaningful, engaged, way. I use an integrated approach. This includes Relational and Mindfulness Based Therapies, as well as many aspects of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.


Mindfulness therapy is effective. The framework I use enables clients to become skilled observers of the constantly changing thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations that influence their experiences.  Our body-mind system keeps historical experiences alive  as a set of symptoms that are often lived in the present, such as anxiety,depression, and relational difficulties.


Because new experiences usually occur on the coattails of past, often negative, ones, we develop a cycle that interferes with our ability to more closely perceive our actual experience. Honing your skill of self observation will, over time, allow you to feel more connected to your own experiences, and other people in the world. It will also increase your tolerance for uncomfortable thoughts, sensations and emotions that do arise. As you begin to focus more on how you are experiencing, you often become less concerned with why. As a result, you may find that your behavior becomes more flexible because it will be less reactive to subtle, previously unknown, influences.


By exploring difficulties and joy with similar awareness, we can begin to observe how our habitual thoughts and behaviors create our experience.  Curiosity about how we perceive our self and the world increases. Life’s challenges continue. But, in a surprising way, the nature of our struggle is altered. Each day can present infinite new starts on the road to experiencing life in a less anxious or depressed way.


My training and experience enable me to work with a broad range of individuals on issues such as anxiety/depressive disorders,  relationships, grief, spiritual practices, and parenting.