Relationships are the foundation for all our experiences. They provide meaning because we have an innate need to form deep bonds with others. We’re most fulfilled in relationships when we feel seen, heard and loved by our partner. It’s not always easy for couples to be consistently present for one another in ways that help each partner feel supported. When we consider that current experiences are premised on complex memories of previous relationships, it’s little wonder that romantic partnerships can feel complicated. In long term relationships, satisfaction often ebbs and flows. 

My approach to Couples therapy integrates principles of Emotionally Focused Therapy, and Mindfulness Practice. Together, we’ll identify your individual and partnership attachment styles. We’ll uncover the patterns that interfere with your feeling seen, heard and loved; and we’ll learn how to work as a team when unhelpful patterns threaten our connection with one another.

It requires trust and courage to provide our relationships with the care they need. Good assistance can be invaluable. Help yourselves experience the rewards of a more loving partnership.

I enjoy working with straight, gay/lesbian/bi-sexual, and poly couples.